10 ways to use clove essential oil

Clove oil has a sharp, warm, and spicy aroma reminiscent of fall flavors. It has a pretty fragrance as compared to other essential oils. Eugenol brings many purifying and pain-relieving attributes to the essential oil.

Beauty & Hygiene

Clear up skin inflammation : Eugenol is known for reducing inflammation and promoting healing. Use clove oil to the red, inflamed areas of skin for reducing redness & swelling.

Keep teeth and gums healthy : Clove oil is present in toothpaste & mouth rinses. It helps to purify the mouth. Clove oil promotes strong, healthy tooth enamel and gums and prevents bad breath.


Numb a toothache : Clove is not only beneficial for keeping the mouth fresh but has a mild anesthetic quality. Use clove oil with coconut oil & massage onto sore gums or teeth.

Try a soothing foot soak : Clove oil helps inflamed, irritated, or itchy feet. Add a few drops of clove to a foot bath and soak feet for at least 20 minutes.

Soothe a scratchy throat : Clove oil is a good option for sore throat. Many natural lozenges and cough drops contain clove for this reason.

Soothe a bee sting : Clove oil can numb the area as well as relieve inflammation. A bee sting causes a reaction in the body that can create a painful, itchy wound.


Beat the blues : Clove has a sharp, uplifting aroma as it can dispel negative emotions and help brighten spirits. It supports memory & focus while relieving fatigue. This oil can be diffused at home or office.

Support the heart chakra : Clove oil helps the heart chakra in a unique way. This oil encourages healthy boundaries. It also promotes self-love and acceptance by helping people to not care as much about what others may think.


Keeps vegetables fresh : In the research, it is found that clove-rinse vegetables stay fresh longer. It prevents vegetable oxidation that’s why they last longer.

Purify your laundry : Clove oil has a scent strength of 5 that’s why it is best for removing the unwanted odor from the home & laundry. You can add a few drops of the clove to the wash cycle with stubborn smelly clothes.

How to use

Clove oil is a potential skin irritant, dilute before applying topically.

  • For massage application: 15 drops per 30mls carrier oil
  • Hand or foot bath: add 2 drops of essential oil to a bowl of water.
  • Compress: to a bowl of water add 2 drops of essential oil. To treat abdominal complaints and muscular pain.
  • Cleaning: Can be used in a spray bottle as a disinfectant.

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