Social Responsibility

At Natura Vitalis, we believe that as organizations grow in size and scale, they must play an active role in public welfare. Their accountability must go beyond business interests. Towards society at large and in transforming communities they operate in. So, from the very beginning, we have endeavored to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational and environment initiatives.

Our CSR agenda rests broadly on two pillars – one on education & environment initiative and second farmers welfare.

Various initiatives have been undertaken within the broad frame of Environment and Climate Change to address the conservation of natural resources and energy, minimize waste generation, enhance recovery and recycling of material and developing eco-friendly process and systems of manufacturing. Educating Farmers and improving the productivity by teaching farmers about the latest available technologies in the farming and cultivation. Contract farming, minimum guaranteed price schemes and other programs to uplift farmers and poor villagers.


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